Heat Tracing Solutions

Why Heat Trace Solutions?

Heat trace solutions are used to maintain temperature in the process to avoid a freeze up in a system. A system that freezes up can shut down a critical process and bring the entire plant to a standstill. Freeze ups can cause damage to piping and equipment leading to costly repairs. It can also create safety problems by keeping water from reaching fire suppression systems or eye wash stations, and can cause a breach in a containment system of dangerous chemicals.
Our team of application and design engineers combine years of heat trace solutions experience and expertise. We can help design the most efficient system to minimize energy usage and installation cost. We will train contractors on how to install electrical heat tracing properly to ensure long life of the system and eliminate unforeseen problems in the field. We offer complete turnkey heat trace solutions when project management is required by the end customer.

Our offers engineering and design heat trace services including:
  • Sizing
  • Product selection
  • System Layout
  • Isometric drawings
  • Design and installation training for engineers and contractors (ensuring everything is installed properly)
  • Installation and commissioning services along with annual preventative maintenance contracts (ensuring the system will last a long time)
Get the Heat Trace Experts on Your Side

As an extension of your own engineering team, our engineers also prove to be a valuable resource, should any assistance be needed beyond the initial design, application, and installation. Our engineering team provides a diverse range of expert knowledge and assistance to meet any client’s needs.
Our goal is to help our customers optimize their heat trace system while offering the lowest installation cost and minimizing installation time. We also want to be your personal resource center should you encounter any issues with your industrial heat trace systems. Not only do we have live experts here to assist you, but we also have taken the time to provide you with multiple written resources for you to reference.

How we add value:
  • Innovations to replace obsolete Trace Heating Systems on high temperature installations.
  • Provision of management and coordination of multi-disciplined teams including painting, scaffolding/rope access and insulation.
  • Comprehensive design and documentation packages to meet client requirements.
  • Experience in a wide range of trace heating products and design packages.
Our trace heating capability includes:
  • Survey and inspection of existing systems
  • Expert users in trace heating design & drawing packages
  • Design and installation of distribution boards and power supplies
  • Control cabinet assembly
  • Cable routing design and Installation
  • Fault finding
  • Testing and commissioning

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