H&V Thermal Insulation and Fabrication

Our thermal insulation service is aimed at providing heating and ventilation for commercial operations. For industrial operations, energy consumption is a high investment and priority which carries the major operational cost year in year, which is why our insulation offerings are targeted to help you reduce cost, increase efficiency, and conserve more energy for productivity. Starting from design, to installation and maintenance, our commercial heat & ventilation offering helps you increase your ROI (return-on-investment)

  • Conserve Energy and Minimize Energy consumption
  • Cost Reduction
  • Customisation
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Reduced risk of Heat transfer


Acoustic Insulation
Acoustic Insulation
Our acoustic insulation helps to combat noise by absorbing noise either to increase serenity or to avoid sounds from escaping out.
Heat Tracing
Heat Tracing
Heat Tracing is used as a protective measure in heavy-duty industry buildings, oil & gas pipelines to commonplace like apartments, schools and hospitals.
Industrial Thermal Insulation and Fabrication
Safe insulation of pipes, vessels, cylinders and equipment fittings to prevent freezing and maintain your desired temperature,
Jackets-Valve covers
Jackets/Valve covers
Custom made removable and reusable valve jacket is a simple and smart solution towards temperature control in your facility pipes, cylinders and valve equipment.
Rope Access
Commonly applied in inspection, surveying, maintenance, and construction on bridges, dams, wind turbines, towers, buildings, geologic slopes, industrial plants, and more.
Non-Destructive Inspection
Non-Destructive Inspection
We support the QA/QC process throughout the lifecycle of a client asset. We provide a range of standard and specialist NDT solutions to assist with integrity appraisal at fabrication, in-service or decommissioning stage.
Industrial & Specialist Coatings
Industrial & Specialist Coatings
Specialist coatings application for corrosion protection is one of our core disciplines. We deliver a range of specialist coatings and painting services.
Passive Fire Protection
Passive Fire Protection
With experience applying specialist PFP coatings for construction, petrochemical, nuclear and power generation sites, AIC has fully qualified installers & applications specialists to provide a cost-effective solution for your project requirements